The University of New Mexico Nanoscience & Microsystems Engineering Program

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Professor receives Department of Defense funding to develop smart thin films
May 31, 2023
Nathan Jackson, an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, is receiving Department of Defense (DoD) funding to develop new functional thin films that could be utilized in microsystem sensors and actuator applications, including wearable technology, autonomous vehicles, robotics, energy harvesting, and biomedical sensing Read More...

photo: Nathan Jackson

Good vibrations: Engineering professor earns NSF CAREER Award for new way to harvest energy
May 30, 2023
From smart buildings to the Internet of Things to cyberphysical systems, the technological marvels of our modern world have made things like controlling your kitchen appliances remotely or cars that park themselves a reality. Such advances have changed the way we all live and interact, but that technology has come with a cost: that of increasing power needs. Read More...

photo: Sajjad Ahmad Khan

NSME student receives Student Research Achievement Award (SRAA)
February 27, 2023
Poster selected at Biophysical Society conference